All types of light that you need in a office

What is acoustic lighting?

Office acoustic lighting refers to lighting fixtures designed to improve the auditory and visual aspects of the office space. These fixtures are typically installed in the ceiling of an office and can include a combination of LED lights and sound-absorbing materials.

How does acoustic lighting work?

The acoustic properties of these lighting fixtures are achieved through sound-absorbing materials, such as acoustic panels or diffusers, that are integrated into the design of the lighting fixture. These materials help to reduce noise levels in the office by absorbing sound waves and preventing them from bouncing off hard surfaces.

Professional office lighting.

The lighting component of these fixtures is designed to provide high-quality illumination optimized for visual comfort and productivity. This typically involves using LED lights that give an even, glare-free description that is easy on the eyes.

Acoustic inspiration of sound and light.

Combining acoustic and lighting features in flexxica lighting fixtures can create a more comfortable and productive work environment by reducing noise levels and providing high-quality illumination.

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