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The design of the L’Oreal Warsaw office is a challenge that has been set for the Trzop Architekci studio, to which the designers responded extremely professionally. A unique industrial interior was created in consultation with the company’s employees, encouraging creative work. The arches used refer to Parisian arcades and the use of such materials as copper, brass or gold mesh directly shows the aesthetics and DNA of the brand and the slogan Beauty all around. Furthermore, L’Oréal decided to introduce Activity Based Working – a concept for arranging office space that creates the conditions for good cooperation. The goal was not only to provide employees with a comfortable place to work, but also to adapt the space to their diverse needs. The interiors were therefore designed to support dynamic work and encourage informal meetings, leisure and focus.

Brain Embassy – Adgar Park West

Adgar Polska’s cooperation with the mode:lina studio architects resulted in an unusual interior design of the Brain Embassy in Warsaw’s Mokotów district. Right from the entrance, visitors to the co-creating area come into contact with a three-dimensional structure reminiscent of nerve connections in the brain. This has become the axis of the project, where everyone can find the right workspace for them. Steel components and the use of bricks or wood gave the interior an industrial character.


The design of the Infor office is the work of Design Group architects. A unique feature of this interior is the interpenetration of styles. From raw concrete elements and brick-lined walls to elegant subtle marble and wooden finishes. All this gives the office space an amazing character. It is also important that some of the solutions used in the interior were created in close cooperation with employees. With this, we managed to create a friendly atmosphere and a vibrant office.


While designing the CEDC headquarters in Warsaw, the Trzop Architekci studio created a modern office that meets the investor’s requirements, based on a design inspired by the company’s products. The office space is divided according to types of alcohol – vodka, wine and whiskey. According to this division, architectural solutions and colors change smoothly. Natural materials and subdued colors give the interior elegance. The place for meetings and collaboration, conference rooms, coffee points, chill out and work places – despite the fact that they are spaces for different purposes – have maintained a homogeneous style.

ESET – The Design Group

Arranging the Eset office space was entrusted to The Design Group team. The project created a cabinet office with no open space. The space maintains a raw, elegant style, broken by elements in colors reminiscent of Eset branding. And so, most of the space is dominated by wood, concrete and black with the addition of turquoise. Greenery appears in the leisure areas and corridors, to liven up the raw interior.

PeopleScout a TrueBlue Company

The thought that guided investors in creating this place is the comfort and convenience of employees who are the company’s most valuable asset. This task was entrusted to The Design Group architects. The result is an office with open spaces, conference rooms and informal spaces. Grays blend in perfectly with white, wooden elements and raw brick. Although unobvious, this combination gives a sense of intimacy and warmth. The Flexx luminaires that were used in the design matched the concept perfectly, brightening the space.

Brain Embassy – Aleje Jerozolimskie

Extremely demanding project of Poland’s first co-creating, created by the Trzop Architekci studio in cooperation with Adgar Polska. The architects handled the creation of a place for people of different styles and nature of work very well. An informal place was created, conducive to contacts between its users, which the author of the concept compared to the city square. No wonder that the appearance of this space fully reflects its nature. Natural wood, acoustic partitions and phone booths make the space cozy and comfortable to work with.

OLX Group

The task of the Trzop Architekci designers was to arrange work stations for 300 employees, with the possibility of expanding by another 100 stations. The office space has been clearly broken down into three spaces – OLX Group, Otodom and OTOMOTO. Each of them has its own character, which reflects what a given company does. On the OLX Group floor, there are two oval conference rooms, referring to the OLX logo. Grass and conference rooms shaped like houses appeared in the Otodom zone. In OTOMOTO space, conference rooms are fitted with furniture from Fiat 500.

XL Catlin

The interior design for the XL Catlin office was entrusted to architects from The Design Group. Work on the project was conducted in cooperation with employees who presented their suggestions as to their needs and expectations regarding the new space. This is how an office reflecting concern for work comfort was created. The colors were based on strong white and black contrasts, enriched with walnut veneer, which gives the interior elegance. Characteristic lines and geometric bevels throughout the office intertwine and contrast with the natural green of the walls.

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