The invisible aspect of daily life.


Office interior acoustics 


Not just fashionable office furniture, beautiful accessories, and wall colors impact how we feel in a space.

Whether it's the interior design of a home or an office, it is worth paying attention to what's not visible... sound space.

Acoustic adaptation


Design office space following the principles of acoustic adaptation.



The main task of acoustic adaptation is to limit the reverberation and propagation of noise.

Where is this particularly important? Where conversations are held and focusing on work is required.

Acoustic insulation



Serves the purpose of insulating sounds from neighboring rooms, such as conversations from people in the next room.

To prevent noise penetration, we must resort to insulation materials, not just sound-absorbing ones.


Phenomena in acoustics

Sound under control

We use materials with different acoustic properties depending on requirements: how much sound there is in a room or space, where it comes from, and how it travels through an office area. We can also use materials that absorb some frequencies while reflecting others, so they don't travel as far or disappear altogether. Thanks to this, we can control sound and direct it accordingly.

Sound absorption


Sound absorption is a purely physical process in which the kinetic energy of the sound wave particles is converted into heat by... friction!

Although this sounds incredible, sound-absorbing materials can absorb noise thanks to their open-cell structure.



When we throw the ball against the wall, it bounces off the surface depending on the angle at which it hits it. These are the basics of physics that are also found in acoustics.


If we know where we want to direct the sound, we can reflect it accordingly by changing the direction of propagation of the sound wave (angle of incidence of the wave = angle of reflection of the wave).



Finally, something that allows sound to fill the entire space balanced.

Diffusion is also a change in the direction of propagation of the sound wave. Still, the propagation of the reflected sound wave goes in many different directions - just like the breaking of balls in billiards.

Acoustic Services


What do good acoustics mean? It improves our well-being, makes us more comfortable at work, and reduces stress. But how can we measure it? We can test and predict what conditions will prevail in a given space thanks to various instruments. We combine acoustics' visual and technical aspects to achieve what we all strive for - a people-friendly work environment.

Acoustic measurements

Acoustic simulations

Acoustic calculations

Acoustic design


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Design Process


Below you will find our standard working scheme, but we can also work unconventionally!


Acoustic Measurements

Acoustic Simulations

Acoustic Design

Executive project

Project Supervision and Implementation

Case Study


Office Acoustics

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