Acoustic ecoPET

Acoustic ecoPET is a family of lighting fittings dedicated to modern office spaces. We present to you lamps that combine the functionality of a professional light source with the properties of an acoustic panel. The main innovation of the Acoustic ecoPET family is the combination of: non-glare light sources that protect the eyes of users; acoustic properties of the lampshade absorbing noise and improving the acoustic properties of office rooms; environmentally friendly material, made of recycled PET bottles; tongue and groove assembly technique.

Despite their strong visual effects, Acoustic ecoPET lamps create a cozy atmosphere in the office.

Light up your office with Acoustic ecoPET luminaires.


We are introducing Acoustic ecoPET luminaires, the perfect combination of a professional lighting source and acoustic properties. The lamps are made of PET bottles and produced by a new technology of our invention, which allows for the creation of a smooth, seamless surface and the fastening of optical and acoustic elements to the product body. Moreover, PET is recyclable, biodegradable, and has good thermal insulation properties.

Discover the lighting solution with the acoustic properties that you need.

With Acoustic ecoPET lamps, you can show your care for nature and desire to design a functional and cozy office interior. Acoustic ecoPET luminaires, the perfect blend of light functionality and acoustic comfort

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