Flexxica Line 28 Dot System

Line 28 Dot System is an imposing pendant luminaire that fascinates its sculptural look and allows for a versatile range of arrangements. While it exudes a relatively lightweight look as a single structure linked in the shape of a triangle or square, it reveals a distinctive sculptural effect when arranged in a monumental geometric hexagon scheme. Its flexibility makes it suitable for both the efficient illumination of a single desk or table in the conference room as well as for serving as a gentle, indirect ambient light. The structure of each Dot System luminaire consists of three or four sections of the Line 28 profile equipped with advanced optics, which are connected in a triangle or square shape through cylindrical "Dot" connectors. Suppose you want to improve the acoustics of your office space additionally. In that case, it is possible to fill the distance between the elements of the Dot System with a high-quality sound-absorbing panel.


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