New EOS Poland office

What`s new?

EOS Poland is an international company operating in the fields of debt management, contract collection, debt purchase and business process outsourcing.

Their new 1500 m2 headquarters in the Wola Retro building in Warsaw was designed by Trzop Architekci.

Acoustics and lighting are key elements that have a major impact on productivity and well-being in the office, so the architects paid special attention to acoustics and high-quality lighting, and the design included a variety of flexxica lamps that refer in color to the company's logo.

Acoustic Cone in the shared spaces of the EOS Poland office


The use of Acoustic Cone industrial luminaires in the design of the EOS Poland office in Warsaw demonstrates a thoughtful approach to ensuring high acoustic comfort within the workspace. These luminaires are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing as they resemble the colors of the EOS Poland logo

Wire Medusa lamp in the meeting and relaxation area

Decorative Wire Medusa lamps were used in the separate meeting and relaxation areas of the EOS Poland office. They create a unique and interesting look to the space, which contributes to creating an inspiring and pleasant environment for meetings and relaxation.

Take a look at more photos from the EOS Poland office where you will find flexxica lamps in the photo gallery: photos from the EOS Poland office.

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