German Design Award 2022

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Gold for the Jungle lamp for Excellent Product Design in the Lighting category at the German Design Award 2022.


The Jungle luminaire was designed in line with the idea of biophilia and is a response to the need to create a human connection with the natural environment. Its innovation lies in the fact that it is both a flowerpot and a source of gentle light. With its simple form and soft, diffused light, the luminaire blends harmoniously into the room creating a pleasant, calming atmosphere. The large shade (Ø40 cm) of purist design, made of light and milky-transparent material, is suspended by two very long and stable textile straps, which are available in several colors.

Statement of the Jury of the German Design Awards 22022

The »Jungle« picks up the trend of indoor and hanging gardens and combines lights and plant pots into a decorative object with poetic power for use in the home or in public spaces such as lounges, bars and restaurants, but also offices and businesses. The pot is hung using two long and stable textile bands, which are available in many colours and are also perfectly suited for use in high spaces. Thanks to the slender form of the light and milky transparent plastic body, the lights can be harmoniously integrated into many interiors, creating a pleasantly soothing atmosphere with their gentle light. An elegant idea, which has been very well implemented in terms of both function and form, in that the light, with its puristic design, functions on an aesthetic level even without the addition of plants.


For more, visit the German Design Award website and the Jungle product page.


In addition to the German Design Award 2022, the Jungle decorative luminaire was also recognized in the must have 2022 poll.


The design of the Jungle lamp was created in collaboration with KABO & PYDO design studio.


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