Forbes Diamonds 2023

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Forbes Diamonds 2023 ranking

We are pleased to inform you that we are among the winners of the prestigious "Forbes Diamonds" 2023 ranking.

This is an annual title for companies most effectively increased their value in the last three years. To gain a prestigious distinction and be included in the ranking of winners of the annual Forbes Diamonds list, one must prove one's effectiveness in building a solid brand and increasing business value, which is not easy in the current times of global economic crisis. We are all the more proud that we are creating a solid brand that is a source of inspiration for others and is gaining importance in the industry in which we operate.

The distinction in the Forbes Diamonds 2023 is not only our company's success but also each team member's success.

Thank you for your trust.

Swiss methodology


The Forbes Diamonds List is developed by Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o. o. based on the Swiss method of valuation of companies, which combines the asset and income method. Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o. o. collects data and, based on them, creates databases of enterprises to which it has awarded a positive credibility rating. Companies must be profitable (based on EBIT and ROA ratios), have high current liquidity, and not be in arrears with payments. Companies that meet these conditions must also demonstrate a positive financial result and equity value. Enterprises with sales revenues of at least PLN 5 million in the last year will be considered.

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