Bring nature into your office space

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Biophilic Design brings nature into your office space.


A new way of thinking about office space design: the biophilic design combines elements of nature with technology to create a comfortable, calm, and inspiring working environment.

What is Biophilic Office Design?

Biophilic office design is a type of design that uses elements from nature to create a healthier, more productive, and more inspiring workplace. A biophilic office design can help create a more calming and relaxing environment for employees by incorporating natural ingredients such as plants, water features, and natural light.

The Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

Biophilic office design has been proven to reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and improve overall well-being. It can also help reduce energy costs and create a healthier indoor environment. Studies have also shown that it can enhance air quality, reduce absenteeism, and improve creativity and focus.


Why choose Biophilic office design?


Biophilic office design is an innovative and sustainable way to transform any workspace into a healthier, more inspiring environment. It creates a healthier environment for employees and positively impacts the environment by reducing energy consumption and helping to conserve natural resources.


Biophilic design luminaires


Feel the power of nature as you enjoy your office. We absorb natural inspirations and transform them into our lighting products. Pure shapes and ways of light penetrating nature inspire us to go far beyond the standard office lighting. All this allows us to make office spaces more humane and user-friendly.


The best of nature into your office space


Our luminaire designs bring what's the best of nature into your office space. Inspired by the unique properties of natural materials, we combine these properties with greenery to create the most comfortable and pleasant working environment.


A stylish way to make your workspace more inspiring


flexxica's biophilic-inspired office design lamps add a touch of nature to your desk or conference room. Each lamp is made from natural materials and with a gentle light that warms the space around it. Our lamps are great for helping you focus and relax throughout the day.

Jungle - biophilic design lamp from flexxica

Light up your office with this eco-friendly pendant lamp that serves as a pot for your favorite plant.  The simple form of the luminaire provides the perfect background to emphasize the beauty of its surroundings—in this case, whatever plant you choose to plant inside. The brilliant light fixture gives a pleasant, relaxing light and enlivens any room or office with a miniature garden at the top. The Flexxica Jungle pendant lamp was awarded Gold for Excellent Product Design in the Lighting category at the German Design Award 2022.

Take a closer look at Jungle's decorative lamp.

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