Acoustic lighting for office noise control

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flexxica acoustic lighting collection


flexxica acoustic lighting collection is revolutionizing the room acoustics, combining an aesthetically appealing flexible design, balanced luminous output, and adequate acoustics. Today, some innovative and creative ways of combining both acoustics and lighting can improve the office design and function of any workspace. The lighting and acoustics of any space can make a significant difference in everything from a room's performance to its aesthetic appeal. People look at the lighting and acoustics of rooms as critical factors for the quality of life at home and work.


lights with sound-absorbing acoustic properties

Lights that also feature sound-absorbing features make a huge difference to a space's comfort, whether a workspace or a restaurant. Lights with sound-absorbing panels are just as beneficial to restaurants and hospitality spaces, which are infamously noisy. Lights with acoustic panels are perfect for workspaces, as they help to reduce noise levels - particularly in the increasingly popular open-concept office, where it can often be challenging to find a quiet, private area for phone calls or focused work.


flexxica's acoustic lighting collection of sound-defying fixtures


Designed for large and small open spaces, the flexxica acoustic fixtures collection brightens interior environments while also cutting ambient noise. Sound-absorbing lamps are an elegant addition to the interior design, readily adaptable to any workspace, such as open-plan offices or meeting rooms, and fit into any style of decor thanks to their wide range of materials and shades. Linear baffles Fold and Blade made from recycled ecoPET panels are perfect for noise reduction in open-plan offices and meeting rooms. They can be combined with simple dividers to create an impressive effect.
Acoustic ceiling lighting (Piramid Ceiling, Simple Ceiling, Systema Ceiling or Verti Ceiling) integrates the light source with acoustic materials, providing a light fixture that helps to reduce undesirable noise in the space. Our Acoustic Lighting also reduces excess background noise in public areas, conference rooms, boardrooms, and lobbies.
flexxica award-winning acoustic series Bell comes in various sizes that suit different sound environments, making it the ultimate acoustic lighting solution for any office, lobby, or restaurant needing an acoustic absorption treatment combined with quality lighting. The Bell pendant lamp is a highly-recognizable, decorative, and iconic LED ceiling light with superior acoustic absorption capabilities. The sound-absorbing functions are integrated into the light fixtures. They offer the best acoustic properties and can be ornamental pieces for offices, lobbies, restaurants, or waiting rooms.

Acoustic Bell Wall and Bell Floor lights incorporate even more essential functions since they pair purely aesthetics with owing sound-absorbing properties, all for better enjoyment of the spaces where they are installed. A straightforward solution for this is the installation, allowing for improved sound effects and enjoying the office room better without considerable effort. Acoustic wall and floor lights are a piece of design that captures the eyes with their stunning aesthetic impact, mainly by their colors and shapes. 

Pendant Hillock 2.0 is ideal for installing above conference tables, desks, and benches, helping reduce the sound of your office and any open spaces like the reception or quiet working areas. Acoustic Hillock 2.0 luminaires demonstrate lighting is all around, providing the real estate with a functional footprint in addition to lighting.

Acoustic lamps offer an enjoyable ambiance from the light point of view combined with improved sound quality. Compared with steel, wood, plastic, bamboo, or other plastics, acoustic lamps significantly contribute to the room's acoustics.


acoustic materials

All flexxica acoustic materials have at least 60% recycled contents, and the efficiency of LED lights helps reduce environmental impact. The Acoustic ecoPET material is made from recycled plastic bottles that absorb sound and reduce reverberation, helping to calm noisy outdoor environments, regardless of the ceiling type.


To better fit into the surrounding workspace environment, you can choose flexxica decorative lights, but you should mention that not all lamps are noise-absorbing.

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